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Link rowid ▼ name code unit description latest_values last_24h_values
1 dd dkl010z0 ° wind direction; ten minutes mean
2 dd_tow dv1towz0 ° wind direction vectorial, average of 10 min; instrument 1
3 ff fu3010z0 km/h Wind speed; ten minutes mean
4 ff_tow fu3towz0 km/h Wind speed tower; ten minutes mean
5 fx fu3010z1 km/h Gust peak (one second); maximum
6 fx_tow fu3towz1 km/h Gust peak (one second) tower; maximum
7 gp700 ppz700s0 gpm geopotential height of the 700 hPa-surface; current value
8 gp850 ppz850s0 gpm geopotential height of the 850 hPa-surface; current value
9 qfe prestas0 hPa Pressure at station level (QFE); current value
10 qff pp0qffs0 hPa Pressure reduced to sea level (QFF); current value
11 qnh pp0qnhs0 hPa Pressure reduced to sea level according to standard atmosphere (QNH); current value
12 rad gre000z0 W/m² Global radiation; ten minutes mean
13 rh ure200s0 % Relative air humidity 2 m above ground; current value
14 rh_tow uretows0 % Relative air humidity tower; current value
15 rr rre150z0 mm Precipitation; ten minutes total
16 ss sre000z0 min Sunshine duration; ten minutes total
17 td tde200s0 °C Dew point 2 m above ground; current value
18 td_tow tdetows0 °C Dew point tower
19 tt tre200s0 °C Air temperature 2 m above ground; current value
20 tt_tow ta1tows0 °C Air temperature tool 1

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